7. July 2023

Gallery – Mexico Diving I

This time it should be something special. Cenote diving, THAT is what you do in the Yucatan! That’s what they said. This is the end of our two of us dives for the time being, in caves we only go with professionals. We get to know Mirko from Cancun, and as luck would have it, he organizes diving trips and his buddy Tillmann is a cave diver. Perfect! The first cave dive we do is in Cenote Zapote. Basically a nearly 80 meter deep hole in the middle of the jungle. Quickly down to 35 meters where the narrow vent opens significantly and then up in slow circles along the bell-like structures. Narrow, dark, cold and short, but magnificent! Kin Ha Cenote, on the other hand, is like a large pool and almost completely closed off at the top by a large dome. In the darkness of the cave, surrounded by these strange structures, weightless, it feels a little like being in space – and so do the pictures that are taken.

Thanks to Mirko Friebe, I can be spotted a whole four times.

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