VM Sails

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Stephan Fels and his sail loft VM Sails, we have a long-awaited gennaker sail on board. With this, Mabul makes good speed even in light winds. When the wind really blows, an extremely robust storm jib helps us to stay on course – also from VM Sails on Lake Constance. Thank you Stephan for keeping our Mabul sailing safely in light and strong winds!


Tauchsport Uster

Sandro, a passionate diver and owner of Tauchsport Uster, has been supporting us with various diving equipment since the beginning of 2024. Since we’ve had diving goggles from Tauchsport Uster, we can see every fish crystal clear and with the new dive computer we can dive even more safely. At Tauchsport Uster you can not only buy diving equipment, but also have it serviced in the workshop. Tauchsport Uster also offers diving courses. Be sure to stop by!


Cala Boards

Gliding over the turquoise water in quiet bays….Thanks to Cala Boards, this is now also possible for us. Our IKATERE SUP from Cala Boards keeps us moving even when we’re at anchor. Cala’s premium SUPs are produced by hand and to German quality standards – for big adventures at sea or small adventures downstream.



Cooking in rough seas? That can be really hard work… But that is now a thing of the past for us. Simone Klose from Travellunch has sent us an incredible 160 kg of freeze-dried food from her range to Panama so that we can eat hunter’s stew with beef and noodles, roast potatoes with ham, chili con carne or vegan couscous even in storms and waves. So the next time there’s a storm, boil the water, open the Travellunch bag and the gourmet meal is ready!


Bauer Kompressoren

Mabul has had a diving compressor on board since March 2023, which we gratefully received from Bauer Kompressoren. The PE100 fits exactly under our helm seat and should not be an inch larger. This means that we are now finally able to go underwater everywhere and as often as we want.


Would you also like to become a sponsor of Mabul and in return be mentioned in the podcast and on the website? Then contact us via the website.