Take time off, quit the apartment, set the household goods and move onto a sailboat to sail across the oceans and head for unknown shores. Cruising in the Caribbeans, something for dreamers? Maybe. We are such dreamers. In April 2022 we bought a sailboat in the Caribbean and named her Mabul. Over the past few months, we have sailed northward from Grenada down the string of pearls and along the Greater Antilles toward Guatemala, where we are currently spending the hurricane season. Here we are preparing Mabul in the boatyard for the next big voyage: Crossing the Pacific next year. If you want to hear what we experience and who we meet on our journey, listen to our podcast “BoatCast Mabul” or read our blog. You can find the latest pictures in the gallery. Nice, you sail a little bit with us!

Caribbean greetings from Mabul!

Karin and Alex


  • Against the current
    When a year comes to an end, we celebrate with fireworks and champagne. If a sailing season comes to an end, that’s also a reason to celebrate. After all, our… Continue reading
  • Mystery Mexico
    After more than three days of crossing, exhausted and satisfied, we drop anchor in the bay on the northwest side of Isla Mujeres. The anchorage is calm with a light… Continue reading
  • Sailing Log: Cuba to Mexico
    As we leave Cayo Largo and Cuba, we are not alone. El Russo, the employee of the turtle center, has given us twenty freshly hatched turtles. We pack them in… Continue reading

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  • Gallery – Guatemala Refit II
    It took six weeks to put things back together for the first time during the sailboat refit II in Guatemala. The deck project is going well. After some touch-ups with fiberglass, two coats of polyester filler are applied to the deck. After an incredible amount of sanding, seven coats of gelcoat were sprayed on. Meanwhile,… Continue reading
  • Gallery – Guatemala Refit
    In this first gallery we show how Mabul is disassembled during the sailboat refit in Guatemala. Only three days after we arrived in Rio Dulce, our dear Mabul is already hanging in the slings. Karin flies to Switzerland and the prop has to come along. After an inspection of the underwater hull, I get to… Continue reading
  • Gallery – Upstream to Rio Dulce
    After our last leg from Mexico, we arrive outside Livingston in Guatemala. Here we wait for the spring tide so that we can make it over the shallow sandbank. After clearing in, we head upstream to Rio Dulce under engine through the deepest jungle. Our destination is the RAM marina, or rather boatyard, to refit… Continue reading

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