Take some time off, quit your apartment, store your household somewhere and move onto a sailboat to sail the oceans and head for unknown shores. Just something for dreamers? Maybe. We are such dreamers. In mid-April we bought a sailboat in the Caribbean. Now we started our great journey sailing north. In our blog (English and German) and our podcast (only in German with English interview parts) we will tell stories of the people we will meet along the way and places we will explore. Come, sail with us!

Caribbean greetings from Mabul!

Karin and Alex


  • Montserrat’s disasters
    A small, at first glance inconspicuous, island in the Caribbean away from charter tourism catches our attention: Montserrat. Two natural disasters have struck the island in the past 30 years,… Continue reading
  • Guadeloupe: Rhum and carnival
    «Ten, nine, eight…..one! Happy New Year! Welcome 2023!»A new year, a new life, a new island. We celebrate the turn of the year on SV Take 5 of Suzi and… Continue reading
  • Dominica: Nature paradise
    Finally, the real Caribbean again! That’s my first thought as we drop anchor in Prince Rupert Bay in the northwest of Dominica. We are immediately greeted by local fishermen offering… Continue reading

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