10. October 2023 | SilentWorld

Along the south coast of Cuba we feel like lonely explorers of uninhabited islands and untouched underwater worlds. The Jardines de la Reina, the Queen’s Gardens, rich in fish and corals, are a highlight of our underwater expeditions. We wrote an article about our discoveries in and above the sea on Cuba’s southern coasts for the diving magazine “Silent World”:

1. September 2023 | Reportagen

In February 2023, we anchored off the small Caribbean island of Barbuda. Other sailors had told us that we would find the last untouched paradise of the Caribbean here. Indeed: crystal clear water, white and turquoise sandy beaches. But soon we noticed that many sections of the beach were inaccessible. “Private Property” signs were everywhere. Yet the island is also so special because the land belongs to everyone, is managed by everyone and should be accessible to everyone. What was going on in paradise? Karin started researching and came across a story that is representative of those on many other dream islands and places in the world. The report was published in the magazine “Reportagen” in September 2023.

4. June 2023 | Deutschlandfunk Kultur

We were interviewed by the podcast “Plus Eins” of the station Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Click on the link to listen:

12. December 2022 |

You can find the interview with Reisereporter about our life on the sea here:

14. October 2022 | Schweizer Illustrierte

Alright, but what’s going on right now?

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